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About vision house
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1.In 2009 Song-pa-gu has won the Livcom award which is endorsed by the UNEP
      (United Nations Environment Programme)

Historic sites in Seoul- Seokchon-dong Ancient Baekje-era Stone Mound Tombs, Mongchontoseong(Mud Rampart)
The shopping facility and amusement park- Lotte World, Lotte Department store

2. Convenient location and transportation

3minutes away from Sincheon exit 3
(The best subway line 2 – Ttukseom station – Seoul forest
                                  - Samseong station  - Coex mall
                                  - Euljiro 1(il)-ga station – Myeong-dong Lotte Department store)

3. Convenient, safe, and private space

Each room has a toilet and shower room
Sound proof walls and security cameras
Follows all fire safety regulations

We always welcome you :)


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